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What is a Bump Up Ad?

What is a Bump Up Ad?

සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් මෙම ලිපිය කියවීමට මෙතැන ක්ලික් කරන්න.

Bump Up Ad is a promoted Ad which is pushed back to the very top of the Ad list of website.

You can ‘Renew’ your old Ads in this way.

What is the Use of a Bump-Up?

By default, the older Ads are pushed down in the list as new Ads are published on the website.

Bumping your old Ads up enables them to be visible on top of the list, on the first search page of results.

For best results, you need to time the bump-up action so that the benefit it receives is maximized.

It depends on the frequency with which other Ads are being published. If you’re active on the website, you’ll see exactly when you need to bump up your old Ads to gain more visibility.

How to set a Bump-Up?

  1. When you’re viewing your Ads through your account,

  1. Select the BUMP UP button

  1. Confirm your action by clicking YES

You will be notified that your Ad has been bumped up successfully.

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2. When you’re editing your Ad,

  1. Select this tick box

  1. Press SUBMIT to save changes

Your old Ad will be bumped up as a new one!

Purchasing Bump-Ups: Want to know how?

Purchase your Ad Package through here to activate Bump-Ups.

Based on the Ad Package you purchase, the number of Bump-Ups available to you will vary. Click here to read more about that.

You can see your remaining Bump-ups on your Dashboard.

Do you want to Bump-Up your Ads to promote your services on the website?

Buy an Ad Package now to activate Bump-Up feature.

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